To Slay Zombie Newton

by Regdar and the Fighters

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Classics from the band To Slay Zombie Newton updated in the Regdar Style.


released March 20, 2014

Produced by Stephen Smith at Steve's Bedroom Studios, Nashville, TN




Regdar and the Fighters Nashville, Tennessee

Regdar - procedurally-generated and randomized bleeps, bloops, and drum loops.

Fighter #1 - Hacker guitar/bass and screaming mean-spirited things at wildlife

Other Fighters - Miscellany

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Track Name: Amiga
Cancion de amore.
Cancion para mi computadora

Jumping 'round from platform to platform
A flying disk attempts to displace my head
Pushing on the only fire button
My wimpy lazer makes an enemy dead

As the platform beneath me crumbles into the pixel sea

Been at this almost half an hour
Should be nearing the end
Can almost hear the final boss' missiles
He doesn't wanna be my friend

As the platform beneath me crumbles into the pixel sea

I have played original Hack on inch floppy diskette
I have flown as Sky Fox who was not a fox at all
I've blazed the Oregon Trail in glorious 3-color CGA
I've heard the Commodore's siren call

The music changes suddenly
The final boss fires a missile at me
We exchange fire for a minute or so
There's a cheesy explosion. I've vanquished my foe

As the platform beneath me crumbles into the pixel sea

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, select start

I finally turn off my computer
To find something else to do
I am so utterly bored
If only I could be with you

As the platform beneath me crumbles into the pixel sea
As the pride below me crumbles into the pixels
Track Name: Breaking Hearts and Eating Brains
My nerves are frayed and worn
There's something crawling in my tumm
I don't know if I'm in love, or it's just 'cause I'm a zombie

She's always on my mind
Every day: shine or rain
I don't know if I love her or just want to eat her brains

She's been breaking my heart
I've been eating her brains
But if we were together, the two would be the same

I'm always chasing her
She's just beyond my reach
'cause while she's hale and hearty, I'm decayed and bleached

One day I'll finally catch her
We'll consummate our love
I don't remember what that means... I bet it's eating brains

She lead me to her parents
I said "hi" to the folks.
I don't think they liked me; I ate their brains with toast.

I met all her ex boyfriends
And did her a favor
It was all out of love, you see, I can't stand the flavor

How my heart broke
When I met her new boyfriend
How my skull burst
When he shot it with his sawed-off
How I wept that night
To think of her in his arms
His teeth caress her forehead
That should be me

But the tragedy
Is I bit him first
He ate her brains that night now she shares the curse

Now she's chasing me
But I've moved on
If she calls me here, tell her that I'm gone

I've been breaking her heart
He's been eating her brains
Now if we were together, it wouldn't be the same.
Track Name: New Orleans pt. 1
I went out on the streets of New Orleans
The day was cold and dark and gray
Jazz music was wafting forth
I should have just run away

But I stayed on to investigate
Try to find my missing cousin
Rescue Stan before it's too late
Find out what kind of trouble he's in

On the streets of New Orleans

I went up to Stan's apartment
Saw the place had been ransacked
Stan's friend Bob lay in the corner
And the boy's skull had been cracked

Suddenly, Bob stood up
Lurched forward awkwardly
Tried to take a bite of my arm
I had no choice but to flee

To the streets of New Orleans

I met Stan out in the street
He told me what had gone down
Zombies had arisen up
And they had overrun the whole town

We got in my car to try and escape
Try'n outrun the coming horde
But it was already too late.
"Stan, pass me my keen-edged sword"
Track Name: New Orleans pt. 2
Car skids to a halt
In the press of zombie flesh
Stan and I step out
To face this awful mess

Day of the dead

It's time to face the end of the world
It's time to face your doom
It's time to fight the end of the world
Swing your sword if you have room

Sword flashes a mighty arc
One zombie is cleft in two
Suddenly a path is cleared
Unthinkingly, we rush through

There's an explosion
Zombie fragments shower forth
The marines rush in
Stan and I retire
to watch the carnage from afar
Listen to the din

Suddenly silence
Have we already won the war?
A lone zombie straggles forth
Followed by 10,000 more.
Track Name: Hoping It's Christmas
A white powder's drifting through the gray sky
Streets are all vacant right now
I walk on the sidewalks looking all around

Hoping it Christmas
And not what I fear I see

Trees are branches are bare and quietly still
In the dead air of the town
I keep on searching for any sign of life

Ragged newspapers tumble down the street
I run to catch one's headline
I bring the tattered paper close to my face

The article gives no reassurance to me
About what happened up here
I drop the crumpled rag silently to the ground

I clutch my coat tighter as the night draws near
Not one street lamp flicks to life
I turn and start back to my burned out home
Track Name: Kitty in the Bag
Once upon a time there was a kitty
He saw a little bag
He thought "boy isn't this pretty?"
"I wonder what's inside?"

So the kitty climed deep inside
the big brown burlap sack
He thought "boy, isn't this nice?"
"I think I'll take a nap"

There's a kitty in the bag today
There's a kitty in the bag today
There's a kitty in the bag; there's a bag on the kitty
There's a kitty in the bag today

The bag thought "I don't like this"
"This kitty shouldn't be in me"
"All full of kitty teeth and claws"
"This kitty will surely rend me"

"I'm just a plain burlap bag"
"Content to do baggy activities"
"I gotta get this kitty out of me"
So he rolled on through the trees

They rolled over hill and valley
Until they came to a river
Without a moment's hesitation
They plunged in with a shiver

Now bags would normally float
But this one was full of kitty
And kitties they just don't swim well
So they sank to the bottom of the sea

There's a kitty in the bag today
And the bag's at the bottom of the ocean
And that, my brave little children
Is what happened to your baby kittens