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releases December 22, 2017




Regdar and the Fighters Nashville, Tennessee

Regdar - procedurally-generated and randomized bleeps, bloops, and drum loops.

Fighter #1 - Hacker guitar/bass and screaming mean-spirited things at wildlife

Other Fighters - Miscellany

More music available at www.regdarandthefighters.com
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Track Name: Turbo Emo
Baby, if you leave me now, I'll cut myself tonight.
'cause you know I couldn't stand to have another fight.
Girl, I get so lonely without you here by my side.
You don't need to bother because I've already died.

(The sky's a crimson torrent)

I hate myself, and I wanna die
if I can't have you in my life.
Travel the world; traverse the sky,
if it will bring you here tonight.

I don't know where we went wrong, but if I could change the past,
I would treat you better from the first until the last.
Now that I am dead to you, and I'm dead to myself,
I hope that he is good to you. I wish you both good health

(the sky's a crimson torrent)

I sleep alone tonight
I die alone
I'm on my own tonight
I die alone
I bleed alone tonight
I die alone
I bleed alone tonight
I bleed alone
Track Name: Did You Fall From Heaven? ('cause Your Face Is All Messed Up)
We basked in the light for 1000 years
And then I saw your face
I knew right from that moment on
I could never be content with Grace

If I tried to steal your heart
From Heaven's stores above
Would you rain down over me?
Fall down with your love?

Heaven's missing an angel tonight
And it's you, and it's me, and we're burning so bright

Stumbling around in the dark and shame
My nerves on fire with pain
Guilt and remorse cut me to the bone
Will I ever see that Face again?

I'll just let go and give up the fight
And sink down into the earth
But if I see you there with me
I'll consider it worth

We'll burn for 1000 years
and never admit we're wrong
We'll blaze, and we'll singe, and we'll smolder and sing this song.
Track Name: Oblivious Queen
She walks the streets at night
She walks the streets alone
Tho I'd love to walk beside her
It is impossible

She walks unafraid
'cause she's the one to fear
Tho our love was Heaven made
She comes from Hell

I love the queen of the vampires
I love the queen of the damned
But she's the queen of the vampires
Not as mortal as I am

I met her when I was out walking
With my girlfriend at the time
Didn't know that she was stalking
With intent to feed

In an instant, she swept in
And snatched away my girlfriend
Tho I hardly saw her through the din
She stole my heart

So beautiful and deadly
With eyes like the sky
Always two steps ahead of me
I'll pursue 'til I die

Now I walk the streets at night
Closely following her
As I age I'll fight
For her love

But she doesn't look my way
Hardly looks my way
Tho our love was meant to be...